Sunday, April 29, 2012


I've been dreaming of having a skateboard for a long time, but recently this changed to wanting a longboard because I think they're cooler they're better for just rolling and moving around. I've never enjoyed getting injured, I mean, who would? So skating, doing tricks and all that isn't anything for me.

So, recently all my time online has gone to looking at longboards. I've got difficulties choosing between the two above, or at least the two models above. Not sure if I want that design on, but anyways.. Tell me, which one should I pick? Small or long, haha.. Both boards above are from element, and I found them at an online shop called


  1. Sanon, että ota toi pidempi malli :) Vie enemmän tilaa ja on vaikeampi raahata mukana, mut varsinkin jos ei oo kokemusta lonkkailusta tai skeittauksesta ni pidemmällä mallilla oppii helpommin! Itekin haaveilen tällasesta mussusta, mut eipä oo varaa..:)