Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I see London, I see Sams Town

I'm off to England in approximately 5 hours. There are no words for this feeling, buzzing of joy and excitement in a way completely foreign to me. I've never been abroad without my family. My exchange year doesn't really count, as I did have a super lovely and caring host family. It's the first time I'm traveling with just one of my best friends, so this trip will probably be a whole new world compared to all the others I've made during my 18 years on this planet. I look forward to what the world will bring us.

I know I haven't uploaded any Vlogmas videos yet. I decided to start vlogging in England, as that's a bit more interesting to watch than just me rambling about The Sims 3. I'll also take a lot of analogue pictures that I'll get developed after the trip.

I hope you are all still well,
enjoy the pictures and wish me luck