Saturday, December 24, 2011

we're floating in a midnight sky

(Kurt Nilsen - Walking in the air)

Merry Christmas to each and everyone out there! I hope you have enjoyed lots of good food and got some nice presents! I got socks and some mugs and plates, pictures of them sometime later...

I wore my new silver glittery knit and played around with picnik, and now I'm listening to Kurt Nilsens wonderful Christmas album, which I absolutely adore.

How was your Christmas, or did you celebrate something else?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


(Caribou - Odessa)

So, recently I ordered some stuff from LUSH, since I ran out of Ocean Salt, which I use as a daily cleanser. I also wanted to try out the cupcake face mask, which many people have been recommending(it smells lovely! Like minty chocolate cupcakes!) I can't wait to try it out.

What else is new? I started watching gossip girl season 2, I didn't fail any tests and I'm thinking about doing a twist on my daily makeup routine... And soon it's Christmas !

What are you going to do in the holidays?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Och helgen måste ta slut

(Veronica Maggio - Måndagsbarn)

Metsäfiilistä koulun takapihalta ja muutenkin pari rentoa asukuvaa tältä päivältä, kun en oikeen muuta matskua tällä hetkellä voi tarjota teille.. oh well, no can do. Huomenna on lomaa, ihanaa! Saan nukkua pitkään ja tehdä kaikkea turhaa, kun ei varmaankaan mitään tekemistä ole. Kuuntelen musaa, ehkä myös teen musaa. Saa nähdä.

Foresty feelings from my schools backyard. I really enjoy the thought of a forest nearby the school, though I wouldn't call it a forest, since it's way too tiny to be one! But a little walk ahead and there is a nice big forest! I want to go photographing there some day..
So, a couple of outfit pictures are the only things I can offer today, since I don't really have anything special to show you. This was my comfy school look today.. or should I say yesterday?