Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You better run, better run, faster than my bullet

(Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks)

There and back again. I went to Kakola to take some photos. It was already a bit too dark outside, so most of the pictures turned out quite horrible.
I really like that place. It makes my imagination go crazy, maybe 'cause it's an old prison. I really wish that it would someday be open like a museum. I'd love to see how it looks inside. I'm a little bit too much into old, kinda creepy places!

Now I'd like to ask, do any of you want those finnish translations or is it okay if I just write in English? I'll continue writing the Finnish translations if anyone wants them, but it'd save me some time if I just write in English!

What scares you? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The game is nearly up, the hounds are at my door

(Manfred Mann - Fox on the run)

I found a new way to use that awesome cat I got from my friend Åsne(i think?) a long long time ago. It now is the lord of the rings! My rings! My precious...
Also some nail polishes I've bought and gotten recently. Key ones are from Allu ! My favorites atm are the Key silver glitter and O.P.I excuse moi.

Löysin tollasen kisun mun hyllyltä ja keksin sille uuden hienon käyttötavan. Se on nyt sormusten herra, ja vahtii niitä uljaasti! Tossa myös uusimpia kynsilakkoja. Jos et jo tiennyt, olen ihan hulluna kynsilakkoihin! Lempparit tällä hetkellä Key hopeinen glitteri ja O.P.I Excuse moi. Key lakat sain tosiaan Allulta singapore-tulijaisena! Kisukin tulijainen jonka sain joskus aaaikoja sitten Åsnelta.

What do you collect? Or do you perhaps hate collecting stuff, let me know!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

And the days blur into one

We had some really good, home-made sushi yesterday. Delicious. Sushi is my favorite food, in case you didn't know that. We had makis, california rolls and different kinds of nigiri. My favorites were the ones on the last picture.

I also bought new shoes from bianco, so my legs won't freeze any longer! I've been craving for shoes like those! I also bought a knit sweater. Pictures of that later...

Eilen siis syötiin sushia, kun äiti niin kivasti niitä meille rullaili. Pakko sanoa, että itse en kyllä ole mikään mestari sushikokki. Sushi on kuitenkin mun lempiruokaa.. Meillä oli makeja, california rullia sekä erilaisia nigirejä. Mun lempparit oli noi californiatyyppiset, jotka näkyy vimpassa kuvassa.
Ostin myös uudet kengät biancosta, jotta kestäisin nää yllättävät pakkaset. Oon halunnut tän tyyliset kengät jo aika kauan, ja onneks löysin ne sitten ihan hyvään hintaan!

Do you like sushi?

Monday, January 2, 2012

And I dream your dream for you

(The Killers - Romeo and Juliet)

Peter Pan top: H&M
Silver knit: H&M
Shorts: Carlings
Booties: ZARA

Happy new year everyone! I had a great 2011, and I'm going to make sure that 2012 will be at least as good as last year. To sum it all up, I got great friends, did some things that I never even imagined to do. I thank everyone that has made my 2011 so special.

My newest obsession is that bath and Bodyworks bodylotion. It smells delicious! And it's very hydrating too. I got it as a christmas present from my friend Rebecca. Thank you : ) Above is also my outfit from new years eve. I spent the evening playing scrabble and peking mystery with a bunch of friends. I also made some resolutions that I intend to keep!

How was your New Years Eve, and did you make any new years resolutions for 2012?