Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'll forgive and forget, before I'm paralyzed

A quick view of my room, which I usually spend my lazy Sundays in. Somehow, I've managed to keep it sort of tidy throughout the weekend. I've got no plans for today, which usually means I'll stay in and play the guitar, write stuff and maybe even do some revision. I really should learn my lines for drama and I probably will during the day, as it's the only school subject I enjoy at the moment. Everything else is just boring, ah well. 
Enjoy the pictures, you'll probably never see a massive amount like this again over here (:

ps. sanni oot paras, soitan sulle nyt skypessä

Monday, March 4, 2013

happy is a state of mind.

I have now got my computer back, but I've kind of forgotten how to do this.. blogging I mean. So I just thought I'd do the 7 random facts about me tag that's been going around almost every social media site, including blogspot. Maybe you'll learn something new about me. Even you, daddy. Yes, I know you're reading this ;)

1. I have one nightmare that keeps re-occurring every now and then.
It's very simple. No monsters, catastrophes or anything like that at all. It's just me in an empty space falling and very slowly catching speed. Right before I hit the ground I wake up and slam hard on my bed. Maybe I levitate whilst asleep?

2. I like the smell of thrift stores, basements, old buildings etc. 
I don't know why, but there's something to that old smell that I like. I'm weird. 

3. I like to consider myself an artist
I've done art since I was around 2 years old. It's been an escape route to expressing emotions since as far as I can remember. I also do music. I play the guitar, sing and write songs. I enjoy writing poetry, short stories and sometimes longer stories that turn into novels.

4. I write to the desk drawer
As much as I love writing stories and novels, I've never showed more than two people my work. Therefore it is all stored in a folder on my computer called "desk drawer", because a regular desk drawer is not confidential enough for me. 

5. I'm a daydreamer
My thoughts just tend to drift away into other dimensions. Sometimes this might happen when you talk to me and you'll have to repeat what you've just said. I'm sorry if I doze off during a long story of yours, don't take it personally! 

6. I love coffee shops
There's just something about the atmosphere of coffee shops that I find very calming. I like to take the bus to Cambridge early in the morning, bring my poetry notebook with me and go sit in a nice, independent coffee shop(or starbucks) just listening to jazzy music that's usually playing on the radio and drinking Chai Tea Latte... I live for mornings like that. Coffee shops are also one of the things me and my friends enjoy to do in the evening. 

7. I can't wait to turn 18
I can finally go to every concert and festival, travel alone, get tattoos etc. stuff I've been wanting to do for ages! Ps. driving a car isn't one of them. I don't like cars. They frighten me.

I don't know if this post was interesting at all for you to read, but I sure hope so! If you want more posts like these(tags n stuff like 'what's in my handbag') just leave a comment. Or would you like more daily diary type posts with lots of pictures? Or maybe outfit of the day posts? I don't know, I'm a bit lost. As I said, I've forgotten how to blog, haha!