Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Riot on an empty street

I think this is slightly a nostalgic post to make for me. As I sit here with my cuppa of spiced chai latte, I look through pictures from my exchange year with a wide smile on my face. To think that I've been a part of something like that, well, I think it's wonderful. I met so many amazing people. I'd do anything to get to re-live last year, and a part of me wishes I'd never left. 
I miss the people I met, most of all I miss my lovely host family and my closest exchange student buddies. I miss the freedom of being somewhere new, where no one can judge you by your past or remembers you because of the wrong things. Starting from a clean canvas and getting to decide who you are, finding yourself, really was life-changing. I think that year, I was the happiest I've ever been. 
Makes me wonder if Cambridge is the place I belong. I just feel like the city never stopped, like it was always changing and molding into something new. The majority of people around me were people similar to me: playing guitar on the streets or smelling the new samples at lush. Alternative people around every corner, I didn't have to feel like I stood out like a sore thumb. 

If you have the chance to do an exchange year or something similar, I'd say do it. Being abroad and away from your comfort zone, you really get to know yourself the best. Your limits. 

I think this became cheesier than I intended it to be. I'm just hugely nostalgic at the moment, winter does that to me every year. I'm also already in the Christmas spirits, which is weird, as it's only the start of November. 

That's it for today, I think. As you read this, go to facebook and send a message to a friend who lives far from you. Let them know you think about them, and you'll surely brighten their day, perhaps even week.

Ps. I broke the 10,000 words on my nano-novel today. I'm proud and on track!

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