Sunday, November 3, 2013

Do I wanna know?

Sanni came to Turku for a couple of hours before she continued on her car journey towards a town nearby. We went to grab some coffee at Robert's, and ended up sitting there for about 3 hours. I swear I could live in coffee shops (and on coffee, tea and filled croissants with brie cheese). Some random updates: I've bought too many dresses lately, but I seem to be in a really girly mood. I'm addicted to tiny tower, I have 21 floors at the moment. Excited about our trip to England in a bit over a month, go follow Minni's blog to get posts from both of us. I bet there'll be a lot of travel-posts coming up.

I guess that's all this time, I didn't really have much to say as nothings really going on. I bought World of Warcraft gametime and I'm participating in this months Nanowrimo. I've written around 5000 words, so I'm pretty much on target to finish on time. I just hope my inspired mood will last long enough to actually finish a book. Anyway, I'm feeling good about this. 

I'm addicted to Arctic Monkeys new album AM. It's amazing. Go listen to it. NOW. 

Until next time, happy start of the month! 

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