Tuesday, May 14, 2013

tuesday blues.

So, I'm officially done with A-levels! I'm happy that I managed to get through all of my subjects with grace, even music. To 'celebrate' the start of holidays, me and Nana went on a rather rainy trip to Cambridge. Honestly, ever since exams ended it's just been raining and raining and raining.
Anyway, to mark the end of an era called British school I went to get my smiley piercing back. I must say, it actually hurt this time around. I remember not even feeling the needle go through when I had it done back in 2011, but I suppose the scar tissue that formed from the last time made it harder for the needle to get through. I also picked up a pair of creepers from new look and 'Peter Parker' glasses. Maybe I'll pretend I'm an undercover superhero when wearing these glasses, haha.


  1. Mulla on lähestulkoon samanlaiset kengät :--) Smiley sopii sulle hirmu hyvin!

  2. Are those vintage doc martens?

    1. No they're not! Regular ones from the shoe store in cambridge :) they're the Doc Martens Flora boots