Wednesday, May 8, 2013

from the ritz to the rubble.

 Last Monday I went to a BBQ in St Ives with a few friends. It was a lovely day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing etc. you know, a perfect summer day. It was around 25 degrees I think, so t-shirt weather. We bought loads of chicken that we put on the grill. Sadly, I don't seem to have any pictures of the actual food. Ah well, maybe next time I'll snap some pictures of that too. I always forget to take pictures, as I'm one of those people who prefer to live in the moment rather than spending time capturing it. I'm not going to write a huge novel about that day, as it'd probably be boring to read. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves (:

 I want that lovely weather back right now, although it'd probably affect the quality of my revising for exams which are next Monday. Probably won't be blogging before then, scared I might fail music..