Thursday, August 1, 2013

this one's for you.

So, I finally decided to break the more than too long silence over here. I'm in the middle of a Breaking Bad episode and eating rye-nachos so I'll try to make this a quick one.

Earlier today I went out with some friends to have a small photoshoot. We ended up at an old prison called Kakola. Sadly, we noticed that all the entrances had been solidly locked and there was no way we could actually have entered the building. So that kinda sucked. It was still fun though. I think we had more of a laugh than took good pictures...

I've been working on a lot of projects lately. I've written a lot of my original music, I now have enough to play a 45 minute set of completely my own material. The music of this post is my own, probably one of my best works. You can find me on soundcloud under the name melna morning. I've been painting and doodling a lot, which I intend to tell you more about in a future post. I also discovered my love for poetry a couple months ago, and I haven't stopped writing since. My poetry is way too personal to be published anywhere though, I only show some to my closest friends.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to Breaking Bad now!
Good night, muchachos

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