Thursday, March 29, 2012

your number has been called

A dream
This very strange dream keeps bugging me every time I go to sleep. Sometimes, I try to stay awake for as long as possible, since it's quite agonizing. The worst part is, that it all feels so realistic. I'm not quite certain at all times, that it even is a dream.

There's a path leading me through a wooden gate. Nothing particularly showy, just a regular gate with paint half-faded away. After following this path for a while, it becomes narrower and narrower, and starts to take sudden turns. Where the path is at it's narrowest, it's also all grown in by twigs and bushes. I don't know why I always keep going. It's like something is calling me from behind the bushes.

It's like someone has lived there. floor-rugs covered with mud everywhere in different colors, and old newspapers, too. There's planks left all over the place. Probably remains of some hut built by children or something...

Then, it all becomes a blur. All I remember is a really high tone. I'd say it's a really sour F-minor, or something like that. And it's paired with another sound, a sound that sends chills through my spine every single time I hear it.

singing. Almost whispering, but with a melody. I still haven't figured out the lyrics. I'm too scared, and the other noise makes it kind of hard to hear the words.

The worst part is, when I wake up, I wake up in the middle of a sentence. Like I'm the one singing. I don't know what this means, and I'm not sure if I want to know either...

Completely fictional, just so you know. I didn't want to do poetry, so I tried to make up a short story based on those pictures. I hope it is at least somehow interesting and not too filled with grammar mistakes.
Shortly about what's happening. Kelsey-minigig today at a gallery, then reading and studying, since I'm in the middle of exam weeks.

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