Thursday, September 1, 2011

and I fell in love by the seaside

So as you probably already figured out, I went to see some really big ships at Tall Ships Racing(if that's what it was called..) Anyway, I had a great time taking pictures of ships and various other things. Here are a few of many pictures, because I'm too lazy to edit every single good one.. maybe later though.

I have a thing for ships.. Maybe because they remind me of pirates and sailors, which I also have a thing for.. haha

and also, regarding that makeup-tutorial.. Would you like a vintage-ish, bohemian-ish or gyaru makeup tutorial? Just wondering. I don't want to disappoint anyone!


  1. oaaa oot huva muokkaa kuvia C: ja laivat on mun mielest hieno juttu ! joo en tiiä mitä kommentoisin heihei XD

  2. se on tall ship race regatta ;D