Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Killers - Human

Mulla oli eilen kivaa, tänään oli pahempi olo mutta ihan kivaa. Mitäs tässä nyt, yritän tehdä mahd. paljon koulutöitä, ettei opet luulis mua iha laiskalusmuks. Eiköhän tää tästä, viikon breikki oli kyl aika chillii, tää tuli tarpeeseen...

I had a fun time yesterday, today I felt like crap but I kept it together and it was allright. Well, now I'm trying to do all the school work that has gathered in piles while I've been absent for school. Oh well, this little break was pretty chill, and I really needed it..

Recently, I've been feeling very down. I don't know if it's just the regular fall/winter-depression, but I've felt so alone that I can't describe it. I probably won't try either, 'cause I think no one's intrested in that anyway.. I'm just in need of some love.. sparks to my life. Oh well, no can do. Maybe if I lost 7kg? (photocollage photos from

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