Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The view from the Afternoon

I went to the night of arts with Allu! I had lots of fun! We saw many cool things, like the building of a strange thing and capoeira-dancers. They were really cool.. We also saw a couple of street artists, violin players and a young circus-boy(who I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of.. )

I know you'll love me for posting this ♥

There were also these really cool lanterns! I myself think that most of them looked like misshaped onions :--D
you can view this outfit on my lookbook!

And then moving on to my recent boughts...

A pair of absolutely lovely shoes from ZARA. I honestly needed a pair of high heels, since I want to walk more with heals. I wish I was a little shorter though, since I feel gigantic with those shoes on :''D In the picture above are some clothes I've bought/got:
Upper row: H&M Wine red cardigan(really warm ♥)
My mums old cardigan (Also really warm!!)
Down row: Striped tank top from One Way
H&M Deer print 50's collar top

Next post will probably be some kind of makeup tutorial (maybe gyaru-makeup),
until then
Take care!



  2. @Minni: NENÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄT!!!!!

  3. holy snizzle I'm ugly... :'D
    Mut toi viimenen viimenen maisemakuva on mahtava, semmone olo et vois tuijottaa koko loppupäev . _.