Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When I'm sick in my hips

Long time no blogging.. Up there you see two pictures, and one of them shows my previous nail art(right now they're just dark red). The other picture is of some dusty leaves that I saw while walking home one day. Actually, I took a lot of pictures that day but I think they will come up soon.

I've been thinking about starting an art blog connected to this blog, kinda like a portfolio type thing. But then again, since I blog so seldom I don't think you'd mind an artpost or two. Tell me, would you be interested in some art?

Introducing the most delicious coffee on earth! "Makukahvi", which is Finnish for "Flavored Coffee" is the thing I order from now on at one of my favorite cafes, Latte. It's actually black coffee with flavored syrup, but Latte has this special type of coffee beans which make even strong coffee taste soft (and also really good!).

Last but not least, an outfit I wore to school. School finally started (yes.. I said finally). I'd been waiting anxiously to see how high school is like, and I enjoy the freedom! I mean seriously, I've actually started to enjoy going there. Oh well, We'll see about that tomorrow, since my day is until 3:50PM....

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  1. Latte <3 Et oo ainut joka viihtyy lukios :D En tiä vaiks mul on 4 kertaa viikos neljää asti ni ne tunnit vaa menee jotenki nopeemmi. Ja ne ilmasu tunnit on ihan sairaan hauskoi :D