Saturday, July 21, 2012

so don't look ahead, never look ahead.

Feels like it's been a while since last time.. Sorry about that! I don't really have any excuse for not blogging. It's not lack of creativity, quite the opposite. I've been spending all the free-time I have while not working on painting, making music etc. Summer keeps me inspired, all though it's been really rainy and not too warm, so I don't know what kind of summer this is supposed to be. I think I'll be doing some sort of art-post very soon. Leave a comment below if you're interested in seeing some of my work and/or work in progress, will you?

Above are some pictures from my trip to Gdansk. I didn't take too many pictures there, which is kind of sad, as the city was very beautiful. We stayed in the center of the old city. All those colorful, old buildings made me fall in love with that town(as well as the cheap coffee..) I'll probably end up traveling there again sometime.

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