Saturday, December 24, 2011

we're floating in a midnight sky

(Kurt Nilsen - Walking in the air)

Merry Christmas to each and everyone out there! I hope you have enjoyed lots of good food and got some nice presents! I got socks and some mugs and plates, pictures of them sometime later...

I wore my new silver glittery knit and played around with picnik, and now I'm listening to Kurt Nilsens wonderful Christmas album, which I absolutely adore.

How was your Christmas, or did you celebrate something else?


  1. I'll get presents on 6 January, it's like this in Spain (and maybe Santa Claus thinks I'm evil, lol!), so Christmas was just a quiet family dinner :)
    Happy New Year, I join your blog!

  2. @HariRari: We usually also have a family dinner and all that, but presents are opened on the 24th, but I guess that's just here in north. Thank you for joining : )