Tuesday, December 13, 2011


(Caribou - Odessa)

So, recently I ordered some stuff from LUSH, since I ran out of Ocean Salt, which I use as a daily cleanser. I also wanted to try out the cupcake face mask, which many people have been recommending(it smells lovely! Like minty chocolate cupcakes!) I can't wait to try it out.

What else is new? I started watching gossip girl season 2, I didn't fail any tests and I'm thinking about doing a twist on my daily makeup routine... And soon it's Christmas !

What are you going to do in the holidays?


  1. Oh so great! Mäkin pääsin kaikista kokeista läpi ja tuun joskus nuuhkimaan sun kasvonaamioitas ::D Oij joulu jouluuu!! nahaanko torstaina? :D

  2. tuu ihmees ja riippuu tarkotaks nyt to vai ens to ? :D:D mulle kävis kumpi vaa tosin huomen mul o liikkaa ja pääsen aika myöhää koulust!