Friday, March 11, 2011

Too much of a good thing is wonderful ♥

Hello, hello!

Long time no see! I've been really busy lately, but I haven't forgot about the blogging either. I've wanted to post this for a long time, but I just haven't had time to do it. Well, back to bussines ~

So, I went to Norway on the winter break. I was really excited about leaving the country, and it was my first time being abroad alone. It's been about 3-4 years since I visited Norway last time. I haven't seen most of my friends since I moved from there to Finland, so it was actually quite nice to come back. Norway is still like a second home to me, and it probably always will be.

I had to wake up early saturday morning, 5:30AM. I was so tired, that I had problems with my contacts.. I got them popped in the eyes though, after about 20 minutes of fighting. I don't have any outfit pictures or such, because I just simply wore something I could run in if I got in a hurry.

This is taken in Copenhagen at the airport, Denmark. I took this from the window in the quiet lounge(It wasn't all quiet, though. People talk too loudly). The time was 8 or 9 AM, can't remember anymore.

I'm sorry about the horrible picture. But yeah, I got starbucks! Caramell Macciato, my favorite starbucks coffee. It's so good, and I was less tired after that.

I'm glad I got food on the plane, or else I would've starved or something.. There was a bread with some sallad and ham, orange juice and two cups of coffee.

Here are the Norwegian mountains. It's so exotic when you're used with the flat Finland.

The landscape from near where I used to live. I stayed at Rebeccas place, which was really nice. She has been one of my nearest childhood friends since as long as I can remember. We did lots of things, which I'm going to tell about next.

I think it was Monday on Tuesday that we went to the centrum. I didn't spend much time there when I lived in Trondheim, because I moved away when I came in the "shopping-age". It was really nice to go through the shops that we don't have here in Turku(BIK BOK).

We went to eat sushi at Kyoto sushi restaurant. It was really a lot more fancy that I'm used to. The place was really spacy and nice, and the furniture was so modern and expensive-looking!!

I ordered the medium sushi plate. It was enough for me to eat. Those makis in the middle were my favorites. I think they were crab and something else?

On Thursday(??) I went to see Åsne at a cafe called Fairytale Cupcake. It was really beautiful, and something I would love to have here in Finland too. There were all kinds of cupcakes to choose from! And they were so pretty!

The hot chocolate was huge....
I chose the Nougat Cupcake and a cappuchino that was also quite huge..

After that we went to Rockheim, a pretty new museum concentrating on music. It was really awesome. They had this old car and old jukeboxes and everything!

She was quite enthusiastic to go inside!! I got left behind xD

I also visited Thea, and got to meet lots of her friends. We had a really great time together.

It was really nice to get to speak norwegian again. It went a while for me to get used to it, but only a few hours and I talked fluently again. I'm glad that I can still remember the language! When my mom called me at the day I was leaving, I couldn't say a word in finnish. It was a really odd situation. It took a day for me to switch back to finnish again. I hope that I'll get to visit everyone soon!

I was sick a Friday not so long ago, and here is the result:

Yes, me doing manba basically because I was bored..
Now I know that I really don't suite that style. It takes more effort to pull it off!

And now about today! Today was pretty awesome. I went to see the movie "Kings Speech" with Allu. The movie was amazing, truly worth the money. It was that type of a movie that you go to see to the movies. Colin Firth is cute, too. But yeah. After the movie we went for a little walk and noticed that there was an empty table at Bossalina, my favorite cafe in Turku. So we decided to go there, and stayed there for about one and a half hour or more.

I ordered a flavoured Latte, mint flavour.
I always do...
Allu with her cappuchino. I won't post the picture taken of me today because.. well.. it's horrible.

And soon it was empty..

Here you see the cafe, though it's actually not that bright. There's that jazzy feeling to it, and the music they play makes it even more special.

We talked through deep thoughts, silly thoughts and pretty much everything. We missed two busses and I was home at 9:30PM I think.. or something.

That's all for today,

See ya,


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