Thursday, March 24, 2011

But I believe in the enemy ♥

Hello hello!

Have you noticed the changes I've made around here? NEW LAYOUT! ♥
I kinda like it like this, it's so much more simple.. Less is more.. I also added a few things to my side bar, I hope you like it as much as I do.. I guess it'll tell a bit more about who I am, too..

Last Sunday, 20.03-2011, I went to see My Chemical Romance live concert at Hartwall in Helsinki. I had the best company ever, Aya of course, with me and I must say it was the best day of my life ! And I got Toro's plectrum too ♥

What I wore on that day; A minnie mouse costume!

The crowd amazed me, though I've seen more people(f.ex. Green Day)

We had the best group of people to spend the 7 hours of waiting with ♥ Because I'm horrible with names, I only remember Tepa, Noora and Katja by names. But everyone were equally awesome, I love you guys, you're the ones that made this awesome ♥

And the concert started with iconcrash as a warmer-up band. They were actually quite good, I was amazed! And the guitarrist was really hot(lol). I'm sorry I didn't really get nice pictures from the gig, I was already all shaky and partying like hell!

Then, finally, the moment we'd all been waiting for. MCR stepped on the stage and everyone were screaming so loud that I was glad I had earplugs(that fell off about in the middle of the concert). Notice double-mikey!! :---D

Gerard Way, why so hot ♥
The only good picture I got at the concert :'D

I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Thank you My Chemical Romance! Thank you so much! I'll hope to see you again soon! ♥

Friday before the concert I went for some coffee with Allu. Of course, we went to our favorite place Bossaliina(as always). There was a fantasy/sci-fi reading night, so people read out loud stories from some really awesome books. It was great.

We tried to plan our Puistorock gig, but with no luck. It ended up being some silent writing conversation while someone was reading a story :''D

We ended up ordering two cookies, two cups of flavoured latte and two lemonades. It was so good, and will be repeated again tomorrow + Tauno :---D

That's all for today,



  1. wäääääw, oot paras ♥____♥ toi keikka oli jotain... jotain! mä en kestä. kiitti oot mahtavaa seuraa jnejne. todellaki best day in life !

  2. edward gay...;P nii ei mulla sitte muuta :_D No eipäs onpas mulla misä toi bossaliina on onks se se mitä ihmeteltii sillo kerra ku tultii tanssist vai hääh ::D