Wednesday, June 26, 2013


wants vol. 1

Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple & Matte About you // Topshop Acid wash Mom jeans // Dr. Martens boots // Mac Lipstick in Rebel // Vintage inspired sunglasses // Brian Lichtenberg Homiés sweatshirt // Sheinside white FU doubleC K sweatshirt 

I returned from my exchange a couple of weeks back. I can't recall announcing that here, so consider this the official announcement. Being back is a weird thing. In a way, I'm happy to see everyone and going out in my home city. Another part of me misses England and the friends I have made over the year. I repeat, it's a weird thing. You can't fully understand it unless you've been there yourself.
Anyway, the past week or so I've had a lot of time to spend on my own. I felt like I needed a bit of a break from my very hectic homecoming-life. This break is kinda the reason why I don't have any proper material to show you. Instead of making one of those classic blogposts about my life, I thought I'd make a collage of things I'd really like to own at the moment. I just realized that all of these are more or less Fall/Winter items... Whoopsie... ah well

On a side-note: It's way too hot here in Finland! About +35 degrees or so at daytime. I feel like I'm melting, even if it's past midnight! also, my arms and legs are itchy from mosquito bites.. darn you mosquitos! 

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