Monday, May 7, 2012

What if lightning strikes them twice?

So right now, while listening to the new Norah Jones album(Little Broken Hearts), which is pretty good by the way, I thought I'd do a small haul for you guys. Everything is from a thrift-store called Kirppiscenter. It's my favorite one, and in my opinion also the best one available in Turku. I always end up buying something...

The bought I'm most excited about must be that camera. It was a bit pricey I think, 19,50e. But it's completely functioning; it even has a self-timer or whatever it's called(itselaukaisin in Finnish). I'm already very eager to start taking pictures with it. I want to take lots of pictures to show my host-family when I travel to England! 

Oh yeah, and I think I'm now officially not buying clothes for a while. My closet is exploding, and I think I'll manage with everything I have until my trip to Gdansk after mid-summer.

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  1. uijuijui, toi spiderman-paita on jotain mahtavuutta! :--D