Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I need some sleep, it can't go on like this

(Eels - I need some sleep)

Knit & scarf: Carlings
Shorts: H&M

So, to celebrate the exam week ending, I bought some highly overpriced macarons from Stockman Herkku, which by the way is my favorite grocery store mostly because of it's amazing variability. They were really tasty, though the best macarons are the ones I had in Paris...

I'm so tired I can't even... Seriously, I can hardly keep my eyes open. I think I'll hit the bed early today!

Oh, by the way! I finally know where I'm going to stay at my exchange year. It'll be in England, somewhere near Cambridge if I remember right... I'm so happy!


  1. Hei mistä noi sun vaattees on? Ihanat noi sortsit (:

    1. Tosiaan paita on carlingsista, samoin huivi. Pipo peräisin jostain Italialaisesta kaupasta ja shortsit H&M alennuksista (ne on vakosamettia, haha)