Friday, April 15, 2011

About next weekend

So, this is not the "final update post". I'll post either on sunday or monday, depending on when I have all the material I need for it done.

Recently I've been looking through weheartit and got lots of inspiration for photographing. I've waited for the summer light to come, and now it's here. It's light up to 8PM. I got my good friend Aya as my model, and we're going to take some a bit bohemian pictures in the Martti area. It'll be fun, and I'll post the best pictures here and on my deviantart!!

Also, I've been looking through NYX online makeup store, and I would really like to order some products..

at least 2 lipsticks(4$ each), eyelashes(4,5$) and maybe something else... I'm a bit excited!!
Also, I'm ordering my first cocolulu jeans.. finally!! It's going to be a great weekend ♥

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  1. aaa mä rakastan weheartii se on oikeesti niin ihana paikka jään sinne välil monekski tunniks vaa tuijottelee nii kuvii iha lumoutuneen xDD