Friday, January 14, 2011

NEW YEAR + HAIR & MAKE [Picture heavy]

Hi gals!
It's been a while.. Or this time, I actually think I've managed to update in a week from last post! I'm back with pictures from new years eve! I spent the day with Allu, a really good friend of mine(one of the best ones ♥). We had a great time, at least I did! Hope I can spend next new years eve with you too!! ♥

The best picture I got of the fireworks.. or maybe it was Allu
who took this one..

It's a tradition in Finland to make new years tin.
We look at the shape of it to see what the future will bring.
Allu got a fish... : D
And that was everything from newyears! I bought a lovely leopard cardigan from Gina Tricot sale a little while ago. It's so warm and comfy. And it's big *u* I've got a thing for oversized clothes...
I've started to do my hair like this.
I put my bangs to the side and fluff my hair on the side umm..
lol I'm so bad at explaining but you see in the picture what I mean.
CAMWHORE FTW! A closeup sorta picture just to show you my makeup.
I'm starting to learn how to apply gyaru makeup. FINALLY! I love those lashes!
They are from ebay, and didn't cost much, and I got 10 pairs!!
Today is the opening of Turku 2011. I'll go there with some of my friends. I've heard there is going to be acrobatics, circus, fireworks and a choir of 350 people!! It's going to be exciting. It would be perfect if it wasn't so cold outside.. -16 degrees celsius..

'till next time, goodbye !

~ Nana